Pehcaung Institute was established to provide free quality education for children regardless of gender, race, religion, rich and poor. It is designed to offer the following programmes (1) Basic Education Programme, (2) Higher Education Programme and (3) Vocational Training Programme. Of them,


Basic Education Programme


The programme was initiated to provide free quality education for lower secondary and upper secondary students.  This programme was introduced to implement the first and second objectives of our organization: 1. All children (as far as we can reach) shall have the right to complete their basic education. 2. All children receiving education must have access to quality education.


This program, which started in 2009, has been able to educate around 1,000 young people in the region of Pechaung and other parts of Rakhine State and has produced more than 100 high school graduate students. Currently, there are 345 students from the Grade 6 of matriculation, with 26 teaching staff.


For Upper Secondary (High School) Students

Pechaung Institute practices three types of admission format for upper secondary (high school) students.

The first is to provide;

   (1) free tuition,

   (2) free accommodation and

   (3) free food for those whose parents are not affordable to support their children because of great poverty.


The second is to provide;

   (1) free tuition and

   (2) accommodation for those whose parents are affordable to support their children concerning with food items.


The third is to provide;

free accommodation only for those whose parents are affordable and willing to support their children with reasonable tuition fee and other expense. And these types of students are arranged and organized to take different classes not integrating with other students. (This is not discrimination but a non-profit business model under affordable parental agreement.)


For Lower Secondary (Middle) Students

Pechaung Institute does not arrange to offer all subjects for lower secondary (middle) students but it mainly focuses to teach English and Mathematics as free tuition in morning and in the evening.


For Primary Children

Even we have ability to arrange classes for primary children, but we don’t have suitable classrooms. Right now, our classrooms are just in temporary shelter and those classrooms are not good for children. When we have proper buildings for children classrooms, we will immediately accept and start primary classes for lovely children.

All Group photos of Academic Year 2019-2020

Grade 6  Students (Old Curriculum)
Grade 6 Students (Old Curriculum)

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Grade 6 Students (New Curriculum)
Grade 6 Students (New Curriculum)

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Some Grade 10 Students
Some Grade 10 Students

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Grade 6  Students (Old Curriculum)
Grade 6 Students (Old Curriculum)

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