Book Donation by Mote Oo Education to YECDS

Updated: Aug 22, 2020

Pechaung Institute has well received 81 books donated by Mote Oo Education to our program named Youth Employment and Community Development on 20.8.2020. Those are (1) Active Citizenship (SB , Eng = 25) (TB, Eng&Myan =2) (2) Understanding Conflict (SB, Eng = 25) (TB Eng & Myan = 2) (3) Understanding Peace (SB, Eng = 25) (TB Eng & Myan = 2), for this year program. By cash, it will be 275500 MMK (Twenty seven hundreds five thousands and five hundreds). Your generous donation is very much appreciated and will make the program go smoothly. With your support, we can do more to be the best for youths studying at the program as well. Thank you so much for your contribution to our program.

Wish your organization keep success forward.

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