Rice Seed Saving & Vegetable Experimental Plots

The project targets the improvement of the living conditions of 8,000 households and their communities. The overall objectives (impact) aims at (i) contributing to poverty alleviation, food and nutritional security and income generation in the Northern Rakhine State and the Southern Chin State, and (ii) contributing to resilience of the vulnerable households to cope with peace opportunities and new investments in the region and to secure the natural resources access and use.

The specific objective (outcome) is to increase the vulnerable households’ living conditions and resilience in Kyauktaw, Paletwa and Matupi Townships through securing livelihoods and income generation, and strengthening the endogenous mechanisms, the CBOs/CSOs’ and dialogue capacities.

About the Community

Rakhine State is the second most populous State after Shan with a population of 3.1 million. Rakhine’s main economic activity is agriculture and fisheries. Poor infrastructure, particularly road, poor connectivity to the rest of Myanmar, lack of electricity, poor communication facilities are perceived to be major challenges for Rakhine State’s socio-economic development.

Rakhine State is today considered being a conflict zone because of fighting between Arakan Army and Myanmar military. Rakhine state has been the site of many conflicts for decades. Since the beginning of 2019, the fighting between Arakan Army and Tatmadaw has intensified in the project areas, affecting the living conditions of local population and restricting the access for international NGOs. Particularly residents in Kyauktaw Tsp have severely been facing the vicious circle of armed fights. Consequently, this weakens the aspect of agricultural development in the community while the main economic of the locals are farming and fishing for their livelihood. There are two seasons which people can work on: rainy season and winter. But they don’t have technical knowledge relevant with agriculture to promote agriculture investment in growing paddy, vegetable and crops based on the weather. Thus, the project is very supportive for local people who work on them as a main economic in order to be sustainable.

Staff For Project Implementation

Pechaung Institute


Wae Griee Htaunt Village, Pechaung Region

Kyauktaw Township, 07061

Rakhine State, Myanmar

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