YECD Batch 2 Students
YECD Batch 2 Students

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YECD Batch 2 Students
YECD Batch 2 Students

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Zaw Hlaing Oo (USA)
Zaw Hlaing Oo (USA)

Mr. Zaw Hlaing Oo is sharing his learning experience in USA to YECD Students.

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YECD Batch 2 Students
YECD Batch 2 Students

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Youth Empowerment and Community Development Programme


    Youth Empowerment and Community Development Programme (YECD) is a year-long adult training programme designed to implement third objective of Pechaung Institute for youth development and this program aims to provide post-secondary education for adult students from rural areas of Rakhine State - offering English Language, Social Science, Environmental Studies, Computer Course and Management Studies. Our goal of this programme is to nurture students to pursue professional and academic criteria.

Our Students

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Why is this programme needed?


Most matriculated, undergraduate and graduate youths in rural ares of Rakhine State are usually jobless due to lack of necessary skills to employ in respective works. Even though understanding what they should upgrade themselves, they are not able to implement wishes and on the other hand, parents are not affordable to help them too, due to great poverty. This programme aims to provide quality education and necessary skills for those who want to work or continue further learning. In this context, we initiate this programme.


Who will this programme help?


This programme will directly help university level students with distance learning (for formal learners) and youths who are still active to learn something difference after leaving school (for non-formal learners).


How many people will the programme help?


Each batch of this progrmme helps 25 male and female students.


How often does this programme call for a new batch?


This programme will call for a new batch every four months, three time a year. (Janary, May and September)


What are taught in this programme?


​This program is designed to teaches:

  1. English – (Basic, Elementary and Intermediate levels)

  2. Computer studies (word, excel, powerpoint, pagemaker, photoshop)

  3. Social Science: (Politics, Economics, Democracy, Human Rights, Peace studies, Conflict analysis, gender and improvemental studies)

  4.  Project Management (Administration, Finance, Accounting, Human Resource and Logistics)

  5. Service Learning Activities: Sending students to partner’s organization to work as an intern (Internship)


Does this program involve participation of both men and women?


Yes, Men and women are equally involved.  (There are 12 women and 11 men in batch 1 currently running.


How will the programme help these youths?


After completing one-year full programme,

  1. ​Youths will have intermediate level of English skills.

  2. Youths can use computer programmes for both of professional and academic purpose.

  3. Youths can understand the core concepts of social economics sector and environmental studies then

  4. Youths can develop their knowledge on management fields of administration, finance, human resource management, accounting, audit, logistics and so on.

Who support the programme?

Currently, Batch 1 of YECD Programme is running under support of Ven. Chief Sandavara receiving donation from individuals and looking forward to get donors.


What are main necessities for programme development?

  • Costs for food and teacher salary (Essential)

  • Books and stationaries

  • General expenditure


No matter how big or small, your donation will make a difference in our hope of education.